Top Five Advantages of Traditional Way of Meeting over Meetings through Marriage Agencies

The modern way of life is so hectic that it often means that people don’t have time for going out. That’s why more and more of them prefer using the services of the marriage agencies. However, the fact that traditional dating remains the most effective way of building relationships cannot be denied. There are way more couples meeting each other by going out than by joining agencies.

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These are the five top advantages of traditional dating over using marriage agencies:

  • The genuineness of the first meeting;
  • An ability to access all information available about the potential partner;
  • More certainty that you’re the only one he/she will be dating;
  • Less pressure;
  • More ways of developing the relationship.

The Genuineness of the First Meeting

When you meet someone the traditional way, it’s often endearingly spontaneous. Neither you nor the person you’re interested in expected this meeting and thus both of you are equally flustered and hopeful. In comparison, the first meeting with the girl/guy from the marriage agency is planned and calculated. Both of you are getting ready for it, preparing what to say, how to behave, how to look like. It often results in artificial discussions that won’t really help either of you to learn much about each other.

With traditional dating, the conversation might be adorably awkward, but it’ll be genuine and you’ll see whether you and your potential boyfriend/girlfriend really have something in common.

Accessing All Info

As soon as you meet someone the traditional way and ask for their contact data, you might find all the possible information about them. You can access their social media profiles, see their friends, their pics, their interests. With marriage agencies, the element of artificiality is present because many men and women from there prefer to hide their real profiles at first. They’re warier and don’t share personal details easily, which might hinder your relationship from developing.

More Certainty

If you’ve met someone traditionally and liked him/her — and vice versa, then your relationship is most likely exclusive. People who are already in relationships rarely go around asking strangers for a date. With the marriage agency, there is no such certainty. Men rarely come to another country to meet one girl. Usually, they pick several girls at once. Women, on the other hand, might already be involved with someone but hope for better options.

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Less Pressure

No one is paying for the first meeting in traditional dating. It just happens and you can easily deny someone. In marriage agencies, men pay for meeting women. It makes men expect reciprocal sympathy and it makes women feel pressured to be nice and share their contacts. It’s not the best ground for a relationship.

More Opportunities

When you’ve just met and everything’s new, you’re likely to want to meet again right away. You can do it when you’ve met someone the traditional way. However, foreign men meet the girls and then inevitably leave. Sure, the communication is maintained online, but it’s not the best option when the relationship is so new.    

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